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  1. 0-36 Months

    Panda Crate

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    Koala Crate

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Spark fun and learning with our one-off crates — enriching projects, experiments and more!

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Grounded in the science of early childhood development

A baby lying on its back, playing with a dangling toy from Panda Crate

Developmentally appropriate

Just-right products and helpful tips to navigate every stage.

Lay the Foundation: A happy toddler playing with an atom bead maze activity box from the KiwiCo Store
Grounded in Science: A baby lying on a bed, playing with soft blocks from a Panda Crate activity box for toddlers

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"Our second #koalacrate arrived and Mackenzie and I were both equally excited to do the activities. We had an exciting discussion about the ice age, the kit makes it really fun and easy. So far we are loving our #kiwico box 🐨❤"

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