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  1. A Newspaper Painting for the 4th of July

    A Newspaper Painting for the 4th of July

    This is a super easy and fun way to spend time with your kids while telling them about the origins of July 4th!

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  2. Handprint Felt Mittens

    Handprint Felt Mittens

    There are few things that make me happier than childhood keepsakes; thankfully my children love making these mittens as much as I love seeing them...

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  3. Cranberry Party Juice

    Cranberry Party Juice

    When I was little, it was always a treat to have sparkling juice at Thanksgiving. I thought I was like being a grown-up! I wanted...

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  4. Art Jar Vase

    Art Jar Vase

    My daughter loves to make homemade gifts. We came up with the idea to decorate an old mason jar and put some seasonal flowers in...

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  5. Milk Carton Animals

    Milk Carton Animals

    My two-year old is in a barn animal phase. It's super cute--all his animal noises and the pointing out of each cow and pig he...

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  6. Tennis Ball Puppet

    Tennis Ball Puppet

    Anything that we can make talk in this house is a huge hit! My kids love to make silly voices, pretend, laugh, and make up...

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  7. Personalized Room Sign

    Personalized Room Sign

    My daughter is at the age where she is starting to take claim of her room. She is enjoying her own space and taking pride...

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  8. Fairy Umbrella

    Fairy Umbrella

    My daughter is a fairy-loving little girl. We have everything you could imagine in a miniature version, but recently she told me that she was...

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  9. Terrarium Ornaments

    Terrarium Ornaments

    We wanted a modern and natural way to decorate our small Christmas tree-less apartment with festive lit ornaments. It turned into a fun way...

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  10. French Polynesian Banana Po'e

    French Polynesian Banana Po'e

    The kids and I magically traveled to the beautiful French Polynesian islands this month and explored the tastes of Tahitian fruit pudding in our kitchen....

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  11. Dino Ornaments

    Dino Ornaments

    I thought it would be fun to let my son decorate his own small tree this season. Rather than buying ornaments, we created some using...

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  12. Clothespin Christmas Doll

    Clothespin Christmas Doll

    A Christmas ballerina is what my sweet five-year old wanted to create. I don't blame her--ballerinas and Christmas are both spectacular! We pulled out a...

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  13. Word Game Magnets

    Word Game Magnets

    Finding ways to bring literacy into our home in a fun, no pressure way is something I am constantly searching for. These magnets were the...

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  14. North Pole Strawberry Smoothie

    North Pole Strawberry Smoothie

    Sometimes my kids and I feel like having a nice, cold treat, even in the winter. Especially around our area, where we still see...

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  15. Chalkboard Frame

    Chalkboard Frame

    My daughter and I may be a little obsessed with chalkboard paint! Since discovering it, we have turned our home into one big chalkboard! This...

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