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  1. Mitten Match: Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

    Mitten Match: Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

    Make these easy and colorful paper mittens, then play games that teach your preschooler how to match upper- and lowercase alphabet letters, like hide and...

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  2. Color Match Caterpillar

    Color Match Caterpillar

    It's so fun when children start learning new things. My two-year old is learning his colors right now, and it's fun to see how excited...

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  3. Solids, Liquids, Gas - Oh My!

    Solids, Liquids, Gas - Oh My!

    If you're like me, learning the difference between solids, liquids and gases as a kid felt just plain confusing. Hoping to make the concept a...

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  4. Leaf Butterfly

    Leaf Butterfly

    One of my favorite things about fall is the changing leaves. There is nothing more beautiful. This is a simple art project that you can...

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  5. Gift Bow Christmas Wreath

    Gift Bow Christmas Wreath

    This fun Christmas craft is so easy to make! It is the perfect craft for young toddlers because all they have to do it stick...

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  6. Math Counters

    Math Counters

    I'm always on the look out for fun new ways to practice math. These fit the bill perfectly because they're so adaptable to more...

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  7. Watercolor Leaves

    Watercolor Leaves

    Create beautiful fall leaves using liquid watercolors and coffee filters.

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  8. "Pie In the Sky" Paper Plate Cherry Pie

    The paper plate cherry pie coincides with Lois Ehlerts's book, "Pie in the Sky". This simple craft using many common household supplies works with...

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  9. 3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    One of the things I enjoy doing with V is incorporating learning into a fun activity. And if that activity can be incorporated into...

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  10. Cotton Snowman

    Cotton Snowman

    Since my daughter Addie can't wait to play in the snow and we're a little short on the white stuff here in the Caribbean, we thought we'd...

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  11. Cooking with Kids - Pizza Muffins

    Cooking with Kids - Pizza Muffins

    What are we having for dinner? Pizza Muffins! Hooray! The kids immediately push their chairs over to the counter to help. I love this time...

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  12. Felt Pizza Pretend Play

    Felt Pizza Pretend Play

    Need a quick activity to entertain the kids while you cook dinner? This felt pizza is your solution.

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  13. Sink or Float?

    Sink or Float?

    Will your toy sink or float? This experiment is fun for all ages.

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  14. My Own Sticker Book

    My Own Sticker Book

    We have a lot of wandering stickers around our house and decided they needed a home. With some left over holiday cards we made a...

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  15. Number Stars Flashlight Game

    Number Stars Flashlight Game

    My 3 year old is learning to recognize numbers up to 20. We found a fun way to practice, with a bonus: it...

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