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  1. Can Toss Tumble

    Can Toss Tumble

    We created this game for my 7-year-old's carnival themed birthday party. It was such an easy and inexpensive game to put together, and the...

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  2. Personalized Room Sign

    Personalized Room Sign

    My daughter is at the age where she is starting to take claim of her room. She is enjoying her own space and taking pride...

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  3. Fairy Umbrella

    Fairy Umbrella

    My daughter is a fairy-loving little girl. We have everything you could imagine in a miniature version, but recently she told me that she was...

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  4. Terrarium Ornaments

    Terrarium Ornaments

    We wanted a modern and natural way to decorate our small Christmas tree-less apartment with festive lit ornaments. It turned into a fun way...

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  5. French Polynesian Banana Po'e

    French Polynesian Banana Po'e

    The kids and I magically traveled to the beautiful French Polynesian islands this month and explored the tastes of Tahitian fruit pudding in our kitchen....

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  6. Dino Ornaments

    Dino Ornaments

    I thought it would be fun to let my son decorate his own small tree this season. Rather than buying ornaments, we created some using...

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  7. Clothespin Christmas Doll

    Clothespin Christmas Doll

    A Christmas ballerina is what my sweet five-year old wanted to create. I don't blame her--ballerinas and Christmas are both spectacular! We pulled out a...

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  8. North Pole Strawberry Smoothie

    North Pole Strawberry Smoothie

    Sometimes my kids and I feel like having a nice, cold treat, even in the winter. Especially around our area, where we still see...

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  9. Chalkboard Frame

    Chalkboard Frame

    My daughter and I may be a little obsessed with chalkboard paint! Since discovering it, we have turned our home into one big chalkboard! This...

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  10. Foil Print Gift Tags

    Foil Print Gift Tags

    Every year, we try to add a little homemade creativity to our gifts and holiday decorations. This year, we decided to make our own...

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  11. Holiday Apron

    Holiday Apron

    Not only is baking with your child a fun way to spend time together, it's also a great way to help teach him or her...

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  12. Fairy Dust Necklace

    Fairy Dust Necklace

    By adding glitter to a teeny-tiny glass bottle, my daughter imagined she had wings that could fly her to all sorts of magical places. I...

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  13. Chalkboard Necklace

    Chalkboard Necklace

    I think chalk is one of our favorite art materials to use. So, making a chalkboard necklace was over-the-top exciting for my kids! Who wouldn't...

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  14. Monster Mash Up

    Monster Mash Up

    For several months every year, our Seattle skies are filled with gray clouds. So as a kindergarten teacher, I was always on the lookout for...

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  15. Solids, Liquids, Gas - Oh My!

    Solids, Liquids, Gas - Oh My!

    If you're like me, learning the difference between solids, liquids and gases as a kid felt just plain confusing. Hoping to make the concept a...

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