Automaton Classroom Pack

Ages 8+


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Blend art and engineering with this classroom pack of 10 automatons. Students will build a hand-cranked machine to investigate mechanics and patterns of motion. After observing and predicting how cam shapes affect movement, students will design their own mechanical art to display on their automaton. The project is broken up into five suggested class periods and serves 20-40 students.

Designed for 3rd to 5th grade classrooms, each pack includes all the materials, instructions, and lesson plans to explore STEM topics through project-based learning, while aligning with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). They make a perfect gift for teachers, educators, classrooms, maker spaces, after school programs, and camps.

Value: $6 per student

- 10 construction sets with high-quality materials
- 10 instruction card sets with illustrated instructions
- Teacher guide with lesson plans, discussion questions, and worksheets (view sample pages)
- Online introduction video, articles for extended learning, digital downloads, and more

“Kids open up a plastic bag and get going. The killer for any science and engineering activity is the set-up and prep.” - Palo Alto 4th grade teacher

“I didn’t think the cam shape could make the jackhammer shake like that. But it did, and it was really cool.” - Palo Alto 4th grader

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