Back to School Pack

Ages 12+

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Get ready for school with these 5 creative and customizable art and craft projects!
All 5 projects delivered at once.

1. Painted Canvas Pouches
Explore the technique of glue-resist fabric painting and create your own colorful canvas pouches!
2. Constellation Messenger Bag
Assemble and decorate your own personal light-up messenger bag. Learn how to build a circuit with LEDs in the shape of Cassiopeia, then use a sponge painting technique to create a beautiful galaxy effect.
3. Stitched and Spirelli Keychains
Make five unique zipper pulls and keychains using two cool techniques - stitching and spirelli string art!
4. Mosaic Organizer
Learn the art of patterning mosaics, and use what you’ve learned to design a unique wooden desk organizer!
5. Punched Metal Dry Erase Board
Discover the art of metal punching and design your own dry erase board!

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