Two Ingredient Tuesday: Sequins & a Dixie Cup = Collecting Fairy Treasure

We’re starting a new series: Two Ingredient Tuesdays. We’ll share fun activities to do with your kids involving just two ingredients!

Every few weeks for the past two years, my five year old has brought tiny little paper Dixie cups of sequins home from preschool.   I was a little perplexed by the origins of the treasure until about a month ago when I was volunteering in my son’s classroom.

It was reaching the end of “free play” time, and things were getting a little chaotic when I observed their teacher strolling quietly through their playground area, dropping little handfuls of sequins behind her – along the pathways and in the sand box.  The effect was amazing – one child noticed some sequins sparkling in the sunlight, and announced “treasure!”  The rest of the kids grabbed cups and began diligently picking the sequins up off the ground with their little fingers.  The whole group quieted down, focusing intently on the task at hand.  Once again, I was inspired by and in awe of the wisdom of preschool teachers… and so excited to take this little tip home with me!

Just last week, we were doing some kid-testing on projects for Kiwi Crate.  As we were wrapping up, I thought I’d try out the Fairy Treasure trick.  I strolled through the front yard (see pic below), dropping the Fairy Treasure behind me.

Then, after I distributed baggies (instead of cups – it’s what we had on hand), it was off to the races!

The kids were totally mesmerized – it was remarkable!  We played the game again and again, and it never seemed to get old (for them, at least ;)).  Sometimes, the kids tried to get as many as possible.  Other times, they were selective about the shape or color they were collecting.

It was a great way to engage them in independent play – and for them to practice their sharing and bartering skills as they displayed and swapped their treasures.

So I’ve invested in a few bags of sequins to keep on hand for those times when we have a bunch of kids over (or just my own kids are going a little stir-crazy), and I’m looking for a way to entertain them for a bit.  The experience is magical for them – and the 10-15 minutes of silent play is pretty magical for me :).

Do you have a go-to activity (involving two ingredients — or more) to engage your kids in an independent activity?

3 Replies to “Two Ingredient Tuesday: Sequins & a Dixie Cup = Collecting Fairy Treasure”

  1. I love this idea! It reminds me a little of scrambling for goodies under a pinata. And it’s also a great way to help kids hone their ability to look carefully and closely. Can’t wait to try it out myself 🙂

  2. What a cute idea! I can’t wait to try it!
    After the treasure hunt it would be fun for the kids to creat a little fairy land with the sequence and other tiny objects they find around the house & outside. They could set it up in a flower pot or any tucked away spot. You could sneak new fairy surprises into their creation and pretend that a fairy visited their spot.

    1. I love that idea – much better than storing in the banged up Dixie cup, as my kids do. That could be a whole other project – creating / decorating their fairy home. Thanks, Ty!

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