Two Ingredient Tuesday: Cornstarch & Water

I love interesting activities that you can do with things you already have around the house. I have a lot of old ingredients in the kitchen from one-time attempts at cooking (I hear the sighs of relief from those who do not wish to see a second attempt) – so I was thrilled to find something to do with the extra cornstarch that has been sitting in my cupboard for years – making oobleck!

Pour cornstarch into a bowl or pan, slowly add water and mix until a very special effect happens – the mixture becomes hard the more pressure you apply to it. It looks like a liquid lying in the pan, but when you press on it, it hardens and feels like a solid! For even more cool effects, add food coloring and you can see the colors changing as you press down. You can take the mixture out into your hands and experiment with pinching it, hitting it with objects, etc.

Before they touch the mixture, ask your kids what they expect to happen. Are they surprised by what happens when they touch it? Why?

This activity is very easy to set up and keeps kids occupied for ages!

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