Two Ingredient Tuesday: Spray Bottle & Water

I know that everyone seems to have been talking about the heat wave lately… it seems to be finally relenting its grip on most of the country, but any excuse to get outside and get wet still seems like a good idea to my kids.  I had picked up a bunch of new spray bottles recently for another project, so we filled up a couple and headed out for some late afternoon fun.

There were SO many things to spray!  First, the flowers definitely needed some love…

The shed was next… It was fun for S to see how the water changed the color of the wood.

Then we decided that McQueen needed a trip to the car wash…

After observing the good time his sister was having, H wanted to get into the action.  He had fun just spraying the water up into the air and trying to catch the drops in his mouth.

And of course it ended with a sibling water fight — what says summer more than that?

This is a low-effort, low-cost, low-mess activity that’s great for all ages — perfect for a hot summer afternoon.  Plus, it’s always fun to see the joy that such simple things as a spray bottle and water can bring to a child’s face!

What are your favorite Two Ingredient summer activities?

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  1. I also love giving kids a paintbrush and a big bucket of water. A few days ago, my nephew and his friend from across the street “painted” a huge swath of our outside wall with water, and then “washed” the window. Meanwhile, his little brother was busy inventing new ways to apply the water to the driveway, from spattering water with the brush, to spinning in a circle with the bucket of water.

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