Two Ingredient Tuesday: Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

I’ve seen shaving cream sensory tables at my daughter’s preschool and on almost all of my favorite kids’ craft blogs, but we’ve never actually tried it ourselves. When we were visiting my in-laws last week my daughter spotted a can of shaving cream in the shower and it seemed like the right time to set up our own sensory shaving cream tray. She had so much fun with this that it made me wonder why I had waited so long! It ridiculously simple to set up, my daughter was fully invested for close to an hour, and the clean-up was easy (it’s just soap, after all!).

I squirted some Foamy Shaving Cream on a cookie tray. Make sure you use the foamy kind for good results.

After playing with the shaving cream for a little while, I introduced the food coloring. My daughter likes to take things into her own hands and happily drip-dropped the food coloring into the foamy sea before mixing and swirling it up. We talked about color mixing and I took the opportunity to teach her about warm and cool colors. We talked about how red and yellow are warm like the sun, while blue and green are cool like the ocean. She picked right up on this concept and happily talked about it the rest of the day.

Eventually the shaving cream turned a lovely shade of grey, but we kept adding more cream and food coloring until we were done.

Clean up was fairly easy: I placed a piece of paper next to the pan to absorb some of the mess, and we also did this outside just in case anything needed to be hosed down.

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  1. If you put down paper, the spread shaving cream out, and put liquid water color on the cream, you can swirl and move the paint around and it’ll make awesome marbled designs on the paper.

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