Gift Wrapping Kit

I was doing a little summer cleaning when I found a box of once-used gift wrapping scraps.  I’m not quite sure what I intended to do with them when I saved them years ago. The random sized papers were ripped and scrunched.  Now, though, I knew exactly what to do.  I’d create a gift wrapping kit for my 4.5 year old daughter.  Recently, she’s taken to wrapping gifts.  Every time we’re headed to a birthday party, she’s right by me to help wrap presents – folding, taping, tying.

So, off to making the kit.  Here’s a sample of the paper I had – everything from kid to holiday to floral.

I threw those, plus scraps of ribbon, tape, and scissors into a box.

The first “gift” she wanted to wrap was a set of dog stickers.  I noticed that gift wrapping is actually great at encouraging fine motor skills.  Also, it’s a nice opportunity to learn how to tie bows.

When a friend came over to play, the kit was one of the first things to come out.

With the colorful paper, my daughter was inspired to cut out wings and tape them to her mouse to create “fairy mouse.”  What was intended to be a gift wrapping kit then became that much more – thanks to her creativity.

The next time we have a birthday or holiday with wrapped presents, we’ll be saving the used scrap paper and adding it to the gift wrapping kit!

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