Two Ingredient Tuesday: Yogurt and Berry Popsicle

While I know that the leaves are changing colors, kids are bundled up in long-sleeves, and baked apple pies warm chilly homes in most parts of this country, here in California we were just in the middle of what feels like an Indian Summer. It was so hot! We did bake a spectacular apple pie earlier this week, but the pie was made from far more than two ingredients (unless I say it’s made from “crust” and “filling!”) So I’m here to share a super-simple, yummy popsicle that can be whipped together in minutes (aside from additional freezing time) with the last little bits of summer berries
Favorite Vanilla Yogurt
Favorite Berries

1. Fill the bottom of a popsicle maker with a couple tablespoons of yogurt. Create layers in the popsicles by adding a few berries, more yogurt, more berries, etc. (We put in whole blueberries and crushed raspberries).
2. Freeze until firm
3. Pop out and enjoy!

How are you celebrating Fall?

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