Two Ingredient Tuesday: Hole Punch and “Ticket”

My son is obsessed with trains.  B’s favorite books are about trains, his favorite shirt has a train on it, he plays with his electric train the first thing in the morning and our train table has earned its value a million times.  When I took out a single hole punch for my personal use, he was instantly drawn to it.  After hole punching his heart out with a piece of paper, he announced to me, “Where’s your ticket?”  Since then, B has kept tickets of all kinds, from real sports or movie tickets to birthday invitations or even magazine inserts — he pretends they are tickets and punches away.

On this day we used an old train ticket and a single hole punch. He has to focus really hard to coordinate the hole punch and ticket alignment.

While a hole punch and ticket is automatically an imaginative train game to my son, I’d love to hear what other children imagine the ticket is for.  Please share your ideas: where will your child’s imagination take them with a hole punch and a “ticket”?

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