Two Ingredient Tuesday: Chocolate Chip Cookie + Toothpick = Fossil Dig!

Did you know it’s Dinosaur Month at Kiwi Crate?  We’ve been testing out tons of fun dinosaur activities for all those aspiring paleontologists out there!  Here’s one that’s easy peasy, but so fun.

Start with a chocolate chip cookie. Homemade or store-bought is fine. You can experiment with soft-baked vs. crispy… we used these Dunkers from Trader Joe’s (because the leftovers are DELISH in a cup of coffee during naptime. Shhh…) and they were fun, though the fossils (aka chips) were a little on the small side.  Next time, we’ll go for cookies with bigger chips.

Imagine your cookie is the earth and the chocolate chips are dinosaur bones. Using your toothpick or craft pick, carefully dig out each chocolate chip, trying not to break the chip or your pick.

You might try scraping around the sides of the chip before digging or prying it out.

See how many “fossils” you can recover. Then feel free to gobble them up!

Looking for more cool dinosaur activities? Visit our Digging Into Dinosaurs page!

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