Ribbon Jellyfish in Kiwi Crate Labs!

Two long kid-sized tables are covered in ribbon, but not just one kind of ribbon. There’s at least 10 different colors and textures of ribbon to choose from, plus markers, crayons, and googly eyes. Little hands are grabbing, coloring, gluing, cutting, and taping. Concentration fills the room (at least for the first 15 minutes!). Welcome to a kid-testing session at Kiwi Crate labs!

The pint-sized test crew comes in every week to experiment with materials and try out ideas for crate projects. They descend upon a table of supplies and get busy, with the minimum amount of instruction necessary to get them started.

This time they’re making jelly fish by attaching ribbon to paper bowls (or coffee filters) they’ve decorated with crayons, markers and googly eyes. We, the adults, let the kids lead. We don’t show examples of what the crafts are supposed to look like, and we step in only when our assistance is requested.

The kids’ final creations are as varied as their personalities, and that’s just perfect. And some always find new ways to engage the materials, and their friends.

The January Kiwi Crates are shipping soon! We can’t wait to hear how your kids enjoy experimenting with the materials and ideas in your new crates!

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