Two Ingredient Tuesday: Balloons + Bouncy Balls

We recently hosted a birthday party for our six-year old son.  It was a lower key theme than some years past (which featured Pirates, Superheroes) – he just wanted the biggest bouncy castle we could find.  So we decided to just go with the theme of BOUNCE, and for the favors we collected a bunch of balls from the party store.
For something a little different than the standard bouncy balls and Nerf footballs, we decided to add in these fun balls made from a small bouncy ball & balloon.  They bounce around in a crazy, unexpected way, and were a big hit with the kids.
All you need are some balloons (I used 9” ones) and bouncy balls.

It was slightly tricky to figure out how to get the balls inside.  We got a good tip from a friend to stretch out the mouth and neck of the balloon and then basically turn the balloon inside out over the ball. You end up the with balloon inside out, but it doesn’t really matter.

Then just inflate!  They bounce a little better if you keep them smaller.  It didn’t take long to inflate a couple dozen, and it was great fun to have a basket of them to greet the kids as they arrived at the party.  They were intrigued by the basket of funny balloons and got a huge kick out of watching them bounce around!

What are your favorite crafty party favors?

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  1. That’s so creative, Lara! Low-key birthdays are the best! Less work for parents and fewer expectations often set the stage for more fun. I hope it was a great birthday.

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