Two Ingredient Tuesday: Tissue Paper + Contact Paper = Valentine Heart

I can’t say I’ve ever been one to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but this year my son asked if we could. He’s such a love bug!

Kids can easily make colorful, textured window decorations by sticking tissue paper scraps onto contact paper. Ah, the simplicity of two ingredients…

Oh right, I forgot about the scissors.  OK, before I continue, can we all agree that scissors don’t count as an ingredient? Sure, we could rip paper with our bare hands. And in some instances that might work, but for this one, not so much.

Good. Now that we have the scissor thing settled…

If your kid is skilled with scissors, they can have at cutting up the tissue. I ended up jumping in too since my son was ready to move on after a few minutes. If you’re willing to do all the cutting, this is a great craft for toddlers.

We cut up a few sheets of tissue paper in reds, pinks and white. We kinda cut more than we actually needed. The large pile of paper scraps created a fun sensory play moment for my son, and he started throwing the pieces in the air like confetti, claiming we were having a Valentine party. Very cute, but to curb the mess I quickly got a piece of contact paper in front him!

While sticking the tissue paper to the contact paper, he was more into a complete coverage strategy rather than trying to make any particular pattern.

Last, we cut heart shapes and used a small piece of tape to attach them to the window (a tape circle pulls easily off the window). You could also call this a stained glass heart (An idea inspired by the colors Kiwi Crate).


The hearts appeared luminous and puffy. My son suggested we make some small hearts the same way as Valentine cards for his preschool. I’m thinking a construction paper border would be a nice touch.

What are you making for Valentine’s Day with your love bug?

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2 Replies to “Two Ingredient Tuesday: Tissue Paper + Contact Paper = Valentine Heart”

  1. Love this idea! We have done projects with paper confetti, which my 3 year old has really enjoyed.
    I found it helpful to cut up scraps of colorful paper or tissue paper and keep the confetti in a small jar. Then we are ready to go when he wants to add confetti to a project.

    1. Thanks Erin for the tip on being prepared! You know, after more thought, I realize too it would have worked just fine to have a toddler rip the pieces of tissue paper (no scissors necessary!). I guess I was stuck on the idea of straight edges.

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