Sanity Saver: Scavenger Hunt Make & Find

Most of our posts here are about ways to engage WITH your child in a creative challenge.  But sometimes, you just need an activity that keeps your kid(s) entertained for a bit and doesn’t require any adult supervision.

That’s the need our new blog series Sanity Savers will seek to fill.  We’ll try to post an idea each week (though can’t promise – sometimes we can’t help losing our sanity over here too!) that will help keep your kiddos happy while you get dinner ready.

Today’s activity was inspired by a simple image I saw on Pinterest, which linked to a wonderful post on the Artful Parent blog.  One of the things we’re generally looking for in a Sanity Saver is something that doesn’t require too much time to set up (or clean up!)  This idea totally fit the bill.

All you need to do is create a “scavenger hunt” list.  Make it cute or scribble it on a piece of paper — your kids won’t really care.  Heck, you could even make it a verbal scavenger hunt and TELL them what to do.  Just think of things that your child can do independently (but that MIGHT take a little loooonger to do / make / find).  For us today, I confined it to inside the house (it was a rainy day.)  We had a second page of activities (in case we needed to stretch this longer), which included things like: write your whole name out; write out the whole alphabet; find your pajamas and put them on (bonus!).

There is something for kids about making a game out of a time-killing activity, and my kiddos TOTALLY got into it.  It just warmed my heart to see my two oldest working together to find the orange and red objects… and then to see them working so diligently on their Lego creations — heaven!

I doubt we’ll be able to use this every night in the pre-dinner chaos hour (I don’t want it to lose the magic!), but I guarantee this is going to be a regular activity I pull out of my tool kit.

Do you have any sanity savers for those times when you need a few moments to yourself? What are your secrets? Please share!


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  1. I JUST did this last week thanks to another mom’s suggestion during a play date! Thanks for additional ideas involving actual activities not just objects. GREAT idea.

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