Leprechaun Hats

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here! These yummy chocolate leprechaun hats caught my eye while I was looking for treats to make with some left over marshmallows.

First we gather supplies: Plates, waxed paper, chocolate, a microwave safe bowl, spoons, marshmallows and cookies.  You could use Oreo cookies, but to give it a minty kick we decide to use some thin mints from our local girl scouts.

After sampling the cookies and marshmallows for freshness, B is ready to work.  Since B turned three, everything now comes in threes.  B decides to make three hats.  First, placing three cookies on the plate and then three marshmallows on top.  I decide to make three of my own.  In all the excitement I initially forget the wax paper, but am able to slip it in later.

Next, we load up the bowl with chocolate.  B checks the marshmallows again.  Still fresh.  One could use a double broiler to melt the morsels, but we opt for the preschool friendly microwave.  I burn the first batch of chocolate (2 minutes is too long!).  In a pinch I grab a mug, which actually works out better for little hands!

After that, B samples some marshmallows.  Still fresh!  Then, we drizzle on the chocolate.  B enjoys watching the chocolate ooze down the side.  I also coat my hats, but I’m unable to make a perfectly round bottom.

Our final products before placing in the refrigerator are almost irresistible.  B refers to the treats as “Topham Hatts.”  I guess he has more of a context for the railway controller of the Island of Sodor than a mythical Irish fairy.

After a healthy dinner B eagerly enjoys his creation!

Are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day in any special way?

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