Two Ingredient Tuesday: Craft Tape and Plastic Eggs

While cleaning out a closet recently, we unearthed a bag of Easter supplies leftover from last year.  We discovered a bunch of plastic eggs and a few paper mache eggs.  My son, H, asked if we could decorate the eggs.  Well, sure, I said — but at the moment I was occupied on another (rather messy) project with his younger sister and wasn’t up to supervising more paint or dye or even glue.  Scanning the craft area, I spotted this and knew it was the answer to my prayers:

For months, I lusted over the colorful craft tape in my kids’ preschool and kindergarten classrooms.  Like all kids, I presume, mine LOVE tape, and use prolific amounts of Scotch tape at home on all sorts of wrapping-related projects.  But this tape at school — oh, it’s on another plane.  First, it’s masking tape (easier for small hands to tear).  And then, it comes in these beautiful vibrant colors, arranged in a rainbow spectrum.  But I gotta tell you, it ain’t cheap.  I finally broke down and bought some on Amazon here; it’s a LOT of tape, and I figure it will last us for a year, at least…

And it’s been so fun to have around – we use it for decorating birthday packages for friends, all sorts of wrapping and building projects… and it was PERFECT for decorating eggs!

H was able to tear off the tape himself (with a little instruction on the proper technique for RIPPING from one side to the other), so he could totally control the design and color scheme of his eggs.

We used the papier mache eggs for this project, but you could absolutely use plastic eggs, if you have to have a bunch of those on hand (or, if you’re buying them, they are considerably less expensive than the papier mache version — use the $$ you save to buy the tape!)

This was a perfect NO MESS project to ease into the egg decorating season.  And while my six-year-old had a great time with it, it’s also a project that extends well for a younger child — you can tear a bunch of tape pieces ahead of time, and let him or her stick them on the egg on their own (you could even just draw or cut out an egg-shape, if holding the egg while sticking tape on is too difficult).

Oh, and if you liked that little nest up top – stay tuned!  That was only two ingredients too, so we’ll be sharing it with you next Tuesday.

What are your favorite egg decorating activities?

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