Two Ingredient Tuesday: Paper Bags + Scissors = Nest

The egg dying & decorating season is in full swing.  Regardless of whether you’re doing plastic, “real”, hard-boiled or blown-out, chances are you have — or will have soon — some eggs in your house.  What would be the perfect place to showcase some of those eggs?  A NEST, my kids shouted.

I saw this cute – and SUPER easy – project to create “nests” for our eggs.  You can find projects to create more sophisticated papier maché nests, but this version was just right for our small hands and attention spans.

All you need is two paper bags (the small lunch bag size is perfect for a small nest) and scissors.

To start, cut off the top 3-4″ of the bag.  You can recycle the top of the bag or turn it into something else (cuffs? a house? a tunnel?)

Cut lots of slits in the top of your now-smaller (bottom part of the) bag.  It works best if you cut all the way down to where the bottom folds up.  (S is about half-way through her cut here.)  This works out to about 2-3″ deep slits.

Here’s the finished version of Bag #1:

Repeat the same cutting with the other bag, and then open both bags up, like so:

Then insert one bag inside the other…

And then “scrunch” the sides down and together, all the way around the bag.  Doesn’t it look just like a nest?

Pop your egg in, and voila!  I think a few of these lined up on our dining room table will look so festive!

p.s. If you’re looking for another easy, no-mess two-ingredient project, check out last week’s egg decorating technique using just colored craft tape (with plastic or papier maché eggs.)

What are your favorite Easter / spring crafts? Please share!


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