Embroidery Thread Easter Eggs

This is an oldie, but a goodie — a super fun project to create beautiful decorations for a festive Spring or Easter table.  Do note: it’s pretty messy (ie., our fingers got pretty much covered in glue), so you might want to plan accordingly and cover your counter or table before you begin, and have some wet paper towels ready.  And I have to say, the mess is worth it — we were really amazed at how great these turned out.

You’ll Need:

  • Balloons – ideally, small ones (9” or less)
  • Embroidery thread (sold at any craft or fabric store)
  • White glue (like Elmer’s)
  • Small cup (like a cupcake liner), bowl or plate, to pour the glue into
  • Aluminum pan, foil or wax paper (to place your balloon eggs on to dry)


1) Blow up your balloons.  Remember, the size of your balloon will be the size of your egg – so unless you’re thinking of ostrich eggs, you don’t need them to be too big.  (Do you have one of these balloon-pumper things?  They’re awesome, in case you ever find yourself needing a ton of balloons for a birthday or a project like this or this.)

2) Measure and cut strands of your embroidery thread.  We used strands about 2 feet long.  Depending on how thickly you want to cover your balloon, you will need 10-15 strands of thread.

3) Pour a few tablespoons of glue into the cup.

4) Dip the first strand of thread into the glue.  Holding the thread over the cup of glue, pull the thread through your finger and thumb to spread the glue along the whole length of the thread. (This is where it will get messy!  But my daughter LOVED it, and I got to show her how fun it is to rub glue on your hands, let it dry and peel it off!  Weird, I know.  Did anyone else ever do that??)

5) Wrap the thread over the balloon, covering as much space as you can.

6) Repeat steps #4 & 5 with more thread, until you have covered as much of the balloon as you would like.  Note: the more you have covered the balloon, the sturdier your egg will be.  S also decided to paint more glue on the balloon after the thread was on; not sure this is a required step, but I thought it might help reinforce the structure.

7) Let dry overnight.

8) After the glue on the thread has dried COMPLETELY, pop the balloon (using scissors or a knife).  Carefully pull the balloon out through a gap in the thread (you can use your fingers or tweezers).  You’ll be left with a beautiful egg!

3 Replies to “Embroidery Thread Easter Eggs”

  1. Great project , I’d love to find something i could use that was latex free , I have not found any of this type of balloons that are latex free ! …. bummer because my 6yo and i are both Latex sensative/allergic … She gets a rash , I’m the one that gets very very itchy and my thoat gets scratchy ,etc … so as much as i love this i wish i could find something i could blow up thats not latex , or maybe look harder for latex free balloons , … the only kindI’ve found are maylar , and thoes are the big shapped silver ones , not helpfull for THIS project

    1. Hmm – that is a tough problem. I did a quick look on the internet for latex-free balloons, but they all do seem to be mylar. We’ll keep our eyes out for anything else and let you know.

  2. Hi Linda – I have absolutely NO idea whether this would work, but I used to work for a dentist & some of his patients were latex-sensitive & he had surgical gloves made from something else, so maybe you could buy some of those, or ask a dentist if you could have a couple of them. It would mess up the egg shape, probably, but you wouldn’t have to cover the fingers… just a thought.

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