Kiwi Crate Picks: The Top 10 Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

We know dyeing and decorating Easter eggs is an important tradition for many families. So, over the last few weeks, we’ve been perusing Pinterest and our favorite blogs, searching for creative, delightful, and kid-friendly projects that are simple and promise incredible results.

After much careful and hard-boiled consideration, we would like to present to you our top 10 picks!

Credit: Tattly

10. Tatted Eggs
You’re thinking: “What is the secret to these incredibly detailed egg designs?” Temporary tattoos! Just boil your eggs, then rub tattoos onto the surface — just like you would on your skin. (Via Tattly)


Credit: Artful Parent

9. Holey Eggs
And you thought hole reinforcement stickers were just for paper. Not anymore! Children of all ages can arrange the stickers to make unique designs and patterns. Then dip, dye, and peel away. (Via Artful Parent)


8. Cracked Dinosaur Eggs
We thought these eggs were remnants from the prehistoric era! These ingenious dinosaur/dragon eggs are a great surprise for any day really — each one is like unwrapping a present! (via Our Best Bites)


Credit: Parents

7. Glitter Spotted Eggs
Aren’t these sparkly eggs too lovely to crack? We were also dazzled by how easy they are to make. All you need are glue dots, some glitter, and, of course, glitter-loving kids. (via Parents)


Credit: Two Men and a Little Farm

6. Au Naturel Eggs
All of these natural dyes are safe for egg consumption and create unusual colors that you might not find in store-bought dyes. For example, red wine dye creates the most luscious violet-blue color. (Via Two Men and a Little Farm)


Credit: indiefixx

5. Electrical Tape Eggs
We were pretty shocked when we discovered that the funky prints on these eggs actually came from electrical tape! Just like snowflakes, no two designs will look alike — and so much fun for the kids. (via indiefixx)


Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

4. Washi Tape Eggs
We love washi tape, a Japanese fabric-like tape, which comes in a range of colors, sizes, and patterns. Instead of dyeing your eggs, just cover them up with pieces of washi tape to create a one-of-a-kind effect! (via Better Homes and Gardens)


Credit: Paint Cut Paste

3. Melted Crayons
Did you know you can create fabulous and colorful designs using crayons? Use the tips of crayons to draw onto the surface of hot hard-boiled eggs. The wax will melt and harden, revealing spectacular results. (via Paint Cut Paste)


2. Volcano Egg Dyeing
Not only beautiful, but these volcano eggs are also a science experiment in themselves. This is such a fun process for both parents and the kiddos — with amazing results to boot! (via Toddler Approved)


Credit: Our Best Bites

1. Silk Tie-Dyed Eggs
We were blown away when we found out that these amazing designs originated from silk ties! (We think you and your kids will be too) We’re also huge fans of the simple dyeing process as well — just wrap and boil. (via Our Best Bites)

A big thank you to all the bloggers and publications who inspired us with these fabulous creations! For more Easter celebration ideas, visit our Pinterest board.

Do you have a favorite egg dyeing or decorating technique we missed? Share in the comments below!

2 Replies to “Kiwi Crate Picks: The Top 10 Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Decorating Ideas”

  1. I tried several of these with my 4-year-old. She loved the electrical tape, but she didn’t quite get the idea of taking it off after dying, so we wound up with an egg covered almost completely with black electrical tape — just a couple spots of blue spots were visible. It had more of a goth punk look than I usually associate with Easter, but she was very happy with it.

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