Two Ingredient Tuesday: Tin Foil Monster Truck Rally

Monster Truck Rally

My 6-year-old has been obsessed with trucks since before he could talk, which has led to a truly impressive collection of small-scale vehicles. In fact, just about every game in our house involves a truck or a racecar. So I was really excited to find this brilliant idea from Time for Play for creating a monster truck rally out of nothing more than aluminum foil and toy cars.

Tin foil cars set up and ready to be crushed

All you do is press a sheet of foil around a car to create an impression. It helps to cut the foil into roughly car-sized squares, so you don’t wind up with a big lump of foil at the bottom.

I formed a bunch of cars for my 3-year-old since getting the shape right was a little too difficult for him. My 6-year-old, on the other hand, happily shaped an entire herd of junkers to be crushed by the monster trucks.

For my little monster truck fans, this was a great activity to provide some happy distraction while I got food on the table.

4 Replies to “Two Ingredient Tuesday: Tin Foil Monster Truck Rally”

  1. Thanks for sharing… my son loves Monster Trucks and one of his first words were Bad to the Bone because of Grave Digger theme song… I can’t wait to try this with him. I may even take it one step farther and spray paint the tin foil to resemble cars you would see at the Monster Truck Rallies that are yellow, pink, or blue.

  2. Yes! One of the first things my 2 year old says when my husband comes home in the evening is, “Monster trucks video, daddy?” They have three or four Monster Truck Rally videos saved from YouTube and they watch them over and over, oohing and aahing at the crashes and ramp-jumps.

    I will definitely make this project. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Haha, love hearing about these little monster truck fans! I really like the idea of decorating them – I bet Sharpies would work really well, if you have some in a good range of colors. But, voice of experience – put them out of reach when you’re done unless you want a kid with Sharpie all over his face. 🙂

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