Egg Carton Challenge: Transport Ship

Space Ship Egg Carton

Our friend Rachelle at Tinkerlab is running her latest Creative Challenge: Egg Carton, so of course we were so excited to participate! The rules are simple: all projects should be child-directed (although grown-ups are welcome to join in as well) and must use an empty egg carton. The objective of these challenges is to help children learn to trust their own ideas, build creative confidence, and envision new purposes for common objects.  You can check out all the fantastic project ideas at the Creative Challenge post, and if you have an egg carton project to share, you can join the fun, too! See details at the bottom of this post.

This was a timely challenge for me, as I’d collected a pile of egg cartons left over from Easter. Plus egg cartons are one of my favorite recycled building materials – easy to cut, easy to decorate, and the perfect size for keeping little treasures. My son immediately jumped on the idea of making a spaceship, which evolved into this rocket-powered car transport ship.

Egg Carton Ingredients

You’ll need:
empty egg carton
duct tape
markers and other decorative embellishments (optional)

Egg Carton - cutting the hatches
Step 1: Cut the hatchways
This is the only step I helped with. I cut two hatchways, positioned so there was enough material left on the ends for our spaceship’s rockets. I created really big hatches because I knew I needed to leave room for cars get on board.

Egg Carton - tape it closed
Step 2: Tape the carton shut
Take the duct tape and seal the carton, so the only openings are the hatchways. We taped all the way around the edge, and then added more on top of the hatchways so they’d match.

Egg Carton - decorating your spaceship
Step 3: Decorate and fly!
We just used different colors of tape and markers to decorate our spaceship, but at this point you could glue on any embellishments you like. We used red duct tape for the rockets, outlined with the marker. (We used a permanent marker since washable markers don’t work well on duct tape, but you could certainly use washable markers to decorate the carton). At that point, my son declared his spaceship “awesome”, loaded it up with cars and zoomed away!

Tinkerlab Creative Challenge

If you want to submit your own egg carton project for this challenge, or just get inspiration from all amazingly creative submissions, go check out Tinkerlab’s Egg Carton Creative Challenge post. To participate, you can submit to the Linky at the end of the post. Or if you don’t have a blog, just add a photo in a comment. Plus, all comments submitted before Sunday, April 15, 2012 will be entered to win a free crate from Kiwi Crate. Happy creating!

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