Two Ingredient Tuesday: Grass Seed + Sponge

This simple way of growing a garden with your kids is perfect homes with limited outdoor space. All you need is a handful of grass seed and a sponge. No Dirt!

For a little extra inquiry, I decided to use two sponges, one with antibacterial chemicals and one from Trader Joe’s. Both work! Grass seed can be found at local nursery, but was only sold in detergent sized containers at the one warehouse store I checked. B’s scoopful only cost $0.33 and there were wagons at the nursery!


First wet the sponge. The Trader Joe’s sponge came compressed and watching the expansion was a hit. I gave B a spoon and dropper to extend the play, but this is not necessary.


Then spread some grass seed on top of the sponge.

Leave the sponges in a sunny spot and wait. In about four days we saw some tiny sprouts. Then we went on vacation for a week and returned to full grown grass!


For some more fun B continues to water and “mow” his indoor lawn with scissors.


Please share:

  • What tips do you have for low mess gardening with kids?
  • What types of plants do you recommend for amateur adult and kid gardeners?



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