10 Kid-Friendly Earth Day Crafts and Projects

A direct hands-on approach is a wonderful way to help your little ones become environmental activists, which is why we’ve compiled this list of the Top 10 Kid-Friendly Earth Day Crafts and Activities.

In addition to turning “reduce,” “reuse,” and “recycle” into household buzzwords, these homegrown projects will help inspire creativity and supply a lot of fun for your kiddos on April 22 and beyond!

10. Milk Jug Yo Yo

Who knew a plain old milk jug could be repurposed into an innovative ball catcher? Your children can make this crafty milk jug yo yo using materials readily found around the house. Not only will they have a great time playing with this eco-friendly creation, but they’ll also get a little lesson in upcycling. (via A Mom with a Lesson Plan)

9. Recycled Ornament

We love this unique way to reuse those old container lids that are usually tossed in the trash bin. Turn them into homemade ornaments! Just drill holes in the middle of each lid, then let the kiddos stack them together and secure with string. Hang on a holiday tree or from the ceiling for a one-of-a-kind earth-friendly decoration. (via My Plum Pudding)

8. Styrofoam Embroidery Tray

Did you know that it takes virtually forever for Styrofoam to biodegrade? Instead of letting those foam meat packages sit in a landfill for the next millennia, transform them into these cute embroidered trays. And they’re so simple to make: all you need are some yarn and a (plastic) yarn needle. The result? A piece of art that lasts virtually forever. (via Creative Jewish Mom)

7. DIY Seed Tape 

Seed tape makes planting tiny seeds (e.g., radishes) that need to be planted inches apart a lot easier. However, we think this child-friendly project makes a lovely gift as well. Plus, using everyday household ingredients and recycling newspaper strips make this effortless craft one of our top picks! (via Giverslog)

6. Recycled Crayons

Most kids are familiar with reusing and recycling, but what about reducing? Making crayons from their existing crayon supply is a simple, but effective way to reduce consumption of new resources. As a bonus, they’ll get to create awesome colors that they’ve never seen before! (via Inner Child Fun)

5. Biodegradable Seed Starting Planter Pots

We’re cheating here a little by giving you more than one ideas, but these five eco-friendly seed starters are all pretty brilliant in their own way. This planting lesson also teaches the kiddos what kinds of materials are biodegradable. From reusing newspapers and toilet paper rolls to eggshells and orange peels, you’ll likely never need to purchase mini pots again! (via Unconsumption)

4. DIY Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic

From the moment we spotted this bottle cap mosaic, we knew we had to go rummage through our recycle bins and recreate this work of art. Let the kids help arrange the caps any way they like, and they’ll learn just how easy it is to repurpose everyday “trash” items into something extraordinary. (via Blu Kat Kraft)

3. DIY Terrarium

One of the most wonderful ways to give back to the Earth is by growing and nurturing new plant life – we think this DIY Terrarium does exactly that. To make these extremely low-maintenance ecosystems, you’ll need an old mason jar, some backyard moss, dirt, and maybe, a trinket or two. And did we tell you the best part? You only need to water these plant sanctuaries once or twice a year. (via Hello Bee)

2. Egg Carton Fairy Lights

These fabulous egg carton fairy lights made our eyes twinkle the moment we saw them. Originally a submission for Tinkerlab’s Egg Carton craft challenge, these lights are upcycled from old egg cartons and Christmas lights. And you’ll be amazed at how simple they are to make too! (via Red Ted Art)

1. DIY Plantable Paper

We’ve heard of homemade paper, but this eco-loving project takes it one step further with DIY Plantable Paper! We think this recycled seed paper is one of the coolest crafts we’ve seen – it’s not too often you can create something from your own two hands, then watch it grow! (via Alpha Mom)

A big tree hug and thank you to all our bloggers and crafters who inspired us with these projects! And please leave a comment if you’ve found a fun earth day project or activity that you’d like to share or recommend.

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