Marbled Model Magic Flowers

We created these marbled flowers as a fun gift to mail to Grandma and Gramps. They were so easy to make and the result is so pretty, I think this might become our go-to handmade birthday gift project. I picked Model Magic as the material because it’s so lightweight – they’ll be easy to mail, and could even be mounted in a shadowbox frame for display.

You’ll need:

Model Magic in several colors (we used our leftovers from our Kiwi Crate!)
Wax paper for drying (optional, but helpful for large flowers)

Getting Started

We started by rolling out the stems, just like you’d roll out a snake. My original thought was to make several flowers and then tie them together with a pretty ribbon. But as soon as I said “bouquet”, my son decided that the stems had to be joined together, so that’s what we did.

Then we moved on to mixing colors. The marbling technique is really easy and fun; just squash two colors together and press and fold. (My 3-year-old never got past this step, he was having so much fun squashing the colors together.)

Then we added the flower petals…

Finishing Touches

And finally, a piece of dirt for the flower to grow. To dry, I just set it on the bag the Model Magic came in.

We also created a giant sunflower – this was so big and delicate, we worked directly on the wax paper so we wouldn’t have to move it.

And finally, a joint project with my 3-year-old. After his exploration of the marbling technique, we were left with a big piece of streaky Model Magic, which became this bowl, perfect for little treasures (but not food, Model Magic is not food-safe).

This project was a lot of fun, and I think Grandma and Gramps will love their flower bouquet!

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