Two Ingredient Tuesday: Paper Doll Chain


Did you ever make paper dolls when you were a kid (or maybe you still make them!)? To bring this easy project to life, all you need is thin paper and scissors (well, a pencil too, but who’s really counting?).

paper dolls

In the same spirit as making paper snowflakes, the fun in this project lies in how unique each string of paper dolls can be.

draw paper doll

I started by cutting a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper into two long strips (4.25″ x 11″ each). I folded one long strip in half two times, and then in thirds (for a total of four folds).

I drew half a doll on the folded edge of the paper. Be sure that the ends of the hands and feet touch this folded edge, or the chain will fall apart.

Cut it out. This is a great fine motor skill exercise for little hands. My three year old has been using scissors for ages and has become comfortable with grown-up scissors — use your best judgement when using sharp tools with children!

cut out paper doll

paper dolls

Now the fun part — pull the chain apart!

paper doll chain

Once you’ve made one, you’ll probably want to make a few. After you’ve cut them out, tape or glue a few strings together to make a garland, tape one strand to itself (above) to make a circle of friends, or draw on them with markers.

What else could you do with a paper doll chain?



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  1. Hi, I saw this on lil blue boo. A bit intrigued by the name- is there a New Zealand connection to this? I have certainly never heard of it in New Zealand….

    1. Hi Leslie, and welcome! Here’s our Kiwi story…

      Sandra, one of our founders, had picked up a stuffed animal kiwi from New Zealand years ago. This kiwi became one of her kids’ favorite plush toys. Running through potential names, it struck us that Kiwi (as he’s called) would make the perfect mascot for the company. As the kids envision him, Kiwi is friendly, curious, and a willing companion on all their adventures – just the sort of qualities we hope to convey ourselves. 🙂

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