Two Ingredient Tuesday: Fabric + Scissors = Pouches for Treasures

My kids love to collect and keep “treasures.” We have a variety of little boxes and bins filled with pebbles, sequins, pinecones, and more.

Apparently, these hoarding skills are passed down from mom to kids. You might recall that I’d created a Gift Wrapping Kit from scraps of wrapping paper. Recently, I found a bunch of remnant fabric I’d saved from old Halloween costumes, curtains, and more. I thought, what better way to take advantage of these scraps than to enable more fun collecting and storing treasures! They’d be perfect for making small pouches.

Gathering the Pouch Ingredients

So, my daughter and I gathered the fabric, scissors, and some ribbon (optional) and headed to the park for some crafting fun with friends.

Getting Started

The first step is to cut out a large circle. I quickly realized that cutting a circle is really tough to do without some guidance. I had a hard time with it. So, you can only imagine how tough it was for a group of 5 year olds. While we made out okay (you don’t need a perfect circle to make a pouch), I’d recommend that you bring a marker to draw a decent sized circle before cutting.

Forming the Pouch

Then, we cut little slits every 1-1.5 inches or so around the circle. The tricky thing here is to cut close to the edge, but be careful not to cut all the way through to the edge. This might require some grownup assistance. The marker might come in handy here too! Also, we found that keeping the slits pretty close to each other is a good idea for keeping the pouch closed well.

Finishing Touches

To create your drawstring, you can either cut a long, thin piece of fabric or use ribbon. We had some ribbon on hand to thread through the slits. This is great weaving and fine-motor practice. At the end, we simply tied the two loose ends together.

With the cinching of the ribbon, the pouch is complete! The girls were then off to find nature treasures to tuck into their handmade pouches.

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  1. Now I know what I can do with all my (clearance fabric) that I have been purchasing. I knew one day I would need the fabric. 🙂 Thank you for the activity. Looking forward to completing this project with the children.

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