Two Ingredient Tuesday: Spider Web Walk

I recently stumbled across this adorable idea on No Time for Flashcards, and thought it’d be a perfect activity to try out for one of our Two Ingredient Tuesday projects.  All you really need is:

  • Masking Tape — OR if you’re doing this outside, you can use sidewalk chalk
  • Pipe cleaners — or really anything to function as a “bug” to catch in your web.  You could certainly use some “real” toy bugs… or even, as you’ll see later, cars.  (Cars stuck in a spider web?? Why not, say my boys – never sticklers for reality.)


First, build your web.  You can see my design below… This was fun to do with masking tape – and it stood up well to jumping around on it, but, as I mentioned above, you could totally do with sidewalk chalk if you have that on hand and if you’re doing this outside.
I put a star on the middle to mark the “starting spot” (and it later became the “finish line”).

Next, create your bugs.  I just took pipe cleaners and folded a couple loops for wings and wrapped it around to create something like a body.  Really, you could just scrunch the pipe cleaner up (which is not far from what we did), and call it a bug.  Or, grab some rocks or paper, and give your “bugs” wings and eyes with a marker.

Then, the fun begins!  Here’s how we played the game:

  • Each player starts in the middle and gets 4 bugs
  • Scatter your bugs across the web (you could say you have to put one in each quadrant, and have a mini geometry lesson!)
  • The player then scoots out on her web to gather up each bug.  You can place different rules for each round on how the spider must collect her prey: walk on tip-toe, hop on one foot, etc.
  • We timed each person to see how long it took them to collect all the bugs.

It was pretty fun, and a great gross-motor activity to practice balancing on the web and bending down to collect your flies.

After a bit of this, my kids decide to incorporate a new prop into the game: the ever-present Matchbox cars.  So game variation #2 was born:

  • Line up your cars & divide them into 2 teams (or however many players you have)
  • Take turns giving your cars a big push toward the center of the web
  • Any cars NOT touching the web after all cars have been pushed are deemed OUT, and are removed from the web
  • Keep repeating the rounds until only one car is left

We completely stretched the spider web metaphor beyond its breaking point, but the kids thought this one was really fun, so please excuse the randomness of this game.

We’ve had lots of fun with masking tape here and hereWhat are your favorite masking tape activities?


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