10 Fun Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Looking for some fun ways to keep cool on hot summer days? We’ve collected our favorite outdoor activities to create with ice. And as a bonus, a recipe for homemade ice cream – no machine required.

Ice Excavation
via Crumb Bums

Water, food coloring, and little plastic toys = a frozen excavation site! Kids can chip away at the ice with spoons or toy tools, or they can melt the ice away with a hose. A great bathing suit activity!

Ice Eggs
via A Little Learning for Two

These beautiful ice eggs are created by freezing toys inside water balloons. So pretty and so engaging!

Ice Superheros
via Green Jello

Water, superhero figures, and water guns = a mission to save the world! In this clever birthday party game, the kids had to melt the ice to rescue Batman and Robin.

Ice Tunnels
via Art and Creativity

These incredible ice tunnels are both an art project and a science experiment. Just sprinkle salt on blocks of ice to melt the cracks and tunnels. Then drip liquid watercolor into the tunnels and discover the beautiful patterns the salt created.

Ice Sculpture
via The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Or you can use the same technique to create these free-form colorful ice sculptures. The ice sticks together with the salt, and dripping watercolor or food coloring reveals the holes and textures in the ice.

Ice Painting
via Share and Remember

This ice cube painting activity creates a lovely rainbow effect without the mess of tie-dying. The ice cubes are colored with liquid watercolors, and can be used on fabric or on heavy paper.

Ice Rainbow
via Sweeter Than Sweets

Rainbow ice made with food coloring or paint makes a fun addition to a water table or a wading pool. Just be sure make a lot, they go quickly!

Ice Strings
via Dukes and Duchesses

For a baby-friendly variation of rainbow ice, freeze the cubes onto a length of yarn. It’s easier for little hands to grasp and explore.

Ice Boats
via alphamom

Or for a slightly more involved water table toy, these ice boats are adorable. All you need is plastic drink cups, straws, and construction paper.

Ice Cream
via Skip To My Lou

Even preschoolers can make their own ice cream using this technique. It just takes 7 minutes, and there’s nothing better than homemade ice cream on a hot day. Enjoy!

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