Two Ingredient Tuesday: Flour + Baby Oil = Cloud Dough

The name of this dough fascinated O. The ease of making it fascinated me. Just mix baby oil and flour in a 1:8 ratio – we used 1/4 cup baby oil and 2 cups flour – and you have cloud dough! It looks like flour, but it holds its shape when pressed.

To demonstrate this to O, I pressed a mold into the dough.

O’s reaction to getting his hands in the stuff.

He could make handprints that stayed in the dough, which he loved.

Next we experimented with a waffle rolling pin toy.

This is O, so of course a truck had to be involved – we made tire tracks.

O decided this was “snow dough” and we made snow balls! Perfect for a hot summer day.

I’ll admit there is a bit of a mess to clean up afterward, but the fun of squishing this dough (even for me) was worth it! I think I’ll try this outside in a larger container next time for extra squishing.


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