Summer Travel – Personal Snack Boxes

When my two boys were young, I flew back east quite often with them. For the first few trips, they would cry and yell over wanting the airplane snack boxes. I didn’t mind buying them, but the items inside were not good for them. I would bring my own snacks – healthy items that I wanted them to eat, but those weren’t good enough. I realized quickly that it was the magic of the little personal sized box and the mini packaged items inside that they were so enamored with.

On my next trip, I decided to create my own snack boxes — and they were a hit. So instead of my kids noshing on oreos and processed meat in tube form, I was able to give them food that I could feel good about, and provide the excitement of the personalized little box like everyone else on the airplane.

I just grabbed a couple of the salad boxes, and the dressing containers (+ lids) from my local grocery store, filled them up, and put a little personalized label on top. You could put anything inside, but here are a few ideas from my kids favorites to get you started:

  • almond butter sandwich
  • durable fruit, like an apple or banana
  • some favorite nuts or trail mix
  • bunny grahams or cheese crackers
  • fruit leather
  • veggie or pirate booty
  • granola bar

Don’t forget to include a couple of napkins and a baggie for the garbage! I usually include a little produce bag so they can throw the trash into it when they are done.

I now do this on all our flights and road trips, varying the ingredients inside by how long the boxes need to stay intact and what their favorite snacks are at the moment. The other reason these are great, is instead of having that panic on a road trip of hungry kids and having to stop repeatedly, they are able to snack on what they want, as they are hungry. It has saved me from many “I’m hungry right now!!!” breakdowns from my youngest, who never alerts me to when he’s feeling hungry until we’re past the point of no return.

Happy summer travels!

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  1. Great idea! BUT…if you are flying, don’t forget, do not pack yogurt or jello cups or anything else that is a liquid or “gel”!

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