Two Ingredient Tuesday: Stuffed Animals + Pillowcase = Safari Charades

Looking for a fun activity to fill some of those long, summer afternoons?  This is a winner, and sure to bring lots of giggles to you & your little ones.  All you need is:

  • Animals (stuffed or plastic)
  • Pillowcase

Have your kids (and their friends – this is a great playdate activity) gather up all the animals in the house.  You might want to make sure everyone knows what animals you have by introducing each one and asking the kids to describe what sounds they make.  Then pop them all in the pillowcase.

Pick the kid who will be the first actor (sometimes we do youngest, or oldest, or whoever’s name has an H in it, etc), and have them carefully pull an animal from the pillowcase.  Do it in a place (behind the sofa, in the bathroom) where the rest of the troops can’t see.  Then they have to act out the animal so the others can guess what it is.  Encourage them to really get into “character”: make noises, get down on all fours, or even describe the animal with words — whatever is developmentally appropriate for their age – they just can’t say the name of the animal out loud.

We had a blast with our “indoor safari” – hope you do too!


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