Sanity Saver: “Draw Your Day” Printable Placemats

Does everyone else deal with the “dinnertime sprint”?  No matter how the day has gone – whether I’ve been at work all day and roll in to hear the starting gun go off, or if I’ve been home all day (in theory with some time to prep) — it’s always a gong show at our house, right when I need to be getting dinner ready.

I’m trying to come up with some activities to keep my 3 kiddos occupied and disentangled from my leg for 20 minutes or so – at least long enough to get dinner mostly prepared.

Our wonderful designers at Kiwi Crate came up with these awesome printable placemats for me – aren’t they great?  The idea is you ask your kids to “draw their day”… and then they can use them as placemats at dinner.  They’re also a great conversation starter for the dinner table.

We have three different versions: Draw what you did today, draw something that made you happy, draw something you made today.  Download them here and print out a stack of all of them, and you’ll be set for dinner prep for the next few weeks!  (Of course, you don’t have to use them as placemats; these would also be great to bring on an airplane ride or to a restaurant.)

My kids really got into them (see below), and I was actually able to get dinner ready (almost) on time.  Whew.  Til tomorrow-

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