Summer Splashdown: 5 Water Games for Kids

Searching for a surefire way to put a smile on your kid’s face? Just add water!

Have you noticed how most kids love water play? One parenting paradox is how it can be a struggle to get kids to take baths—yet when you bust out a Slip-N-Slide (or water balloon), kids can’t wait to give it a go (or throw)! Make a splash in your summer routine with these fun water games and activities.

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Be the coolest house on the block with this DIY water wall. Just rummage through the recycling, find some outdoor wall space, and create this upcycled water wonderland for your wee ones. They’ll thank you for it with hours of play!

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Yes, this sponge-toss activity improves gross motor skills. Yes, it also helps hand-eye coordination. But all your kids will remember after playing this game is that thrilling, unforgettable moment when an already-fun activity transformed into an all-out WATER FIGHT. Who’s in?!

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Playing with water is a sensory extravaganza. As kiddos feel the wetness of the liquid, hear the splashing of droplets, and see the motion of the water, they’re honing their powers of observation—and even dabbling in a bit of physics. After all, water play helps kids observe cause and effect and predict what will float and what will sink. Toss some water balloons into the bath and see what your pint-sized scientist discovers!

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For a kid, there are few things more gratifying than playing with something you’ve made yourself. (Have you seen the adorable safari search video a Kiwi Crate fan sent us after the kiddies built the jeep and animals from our July crate?)  These washcloth pom-poms are easy to make, fun to play with, and machine washable, to boot!

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If you’re like me, washing the car is like going to the dentist: I don’t like doing it, but every six months, I know I’m due for a cleaning. Luckily though, kids love pretend play and chances are your kid will enjoy “playing grownup” by getting his or her toys squeaky clean with a backyard car wash. On your mark, get set, scrub!

What are some fun ways you’re staying cool this summer?


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