Sanity Saver – Building Block Puzzle Cards

LEGO bricks

For my 6-year-old, the best toy is a brand-new LEGO set to build. He loves to carefully follow the instructions, which is why I was so excited to find these instructions for DIY LEGO Instruction Books from Kids Activities Blog. For my little building fans, this is a great activity to bring the energy level down and focus – for a little while, at least!

Puzzle cards

I created two sets of cards so the game would be fun for both my kids. I just photographed on a light background and printed on cardstock. Printing the pictures at 4 by 6 inches gave me roughly life-size LEGO shapes.

For my 3-year-old, I created some simple shapes out of Duplo blocks. And for my car-obsessed 6-year-old, I grabbed some of the little vehicles from our LEGO bin.

Puzzles and cars

Then I turned the kids loose with their puzzle cards. My 6-year-old raced through building each one and then asked for more. We’ll definitely be bringing out our puzzle cards again for pre-dinner playtime!

Building the car

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! As I type this my boys are at my feet creating with their Legos. I must do this! Thanks for the idea. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you came by my blog, The Southern Institute, and said hello. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

    P.S. Now following you on FB, Twitter, and here.

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