Back-to-School Creativity Tip #3: Spend Quality Time Sharing Hands-On Experiences

Over the next several weeks, we’ll share 10 Ways to Inspire Creativity During the School Year. With easy project ideas and Kiwi printables on their way, your little ones are in for a treat!

Back-to-School Creativity Tip #3

Spend quality time sharing hands-on experiences! Even though there’s nothing intrinsically magical about the start of the school year (just like there’s nothing really magical in those brand new markers or fresh notebook—though it sure does seem that way, doesn’t it?), an essential part of creativity is finding inspiration everywhere you look. No doubt, your kids have been inspired by experiences they’ve had all summer. Why not keep the inspiration flowing as your kids return to the classroom?

You can nurture creativity in your little ones by spending quality time together sharing hands-on experiences—whether at exciting new places, everyday haunts, or just at home—that will keep that creative spark alive.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1) Plan a visit to your local museum / aquarium / botanical garden.

It doesn’t matter if the world’s greatest museum isn’t nearby; your kids will never know! They don’t need (and don’t have the patience for) four floors of exhibits; just a few interesting items—and some thought-provoking questions—will be enough to set them on their way. Try to keep your questions open-ended. For example:

  • “How do you think the artist created that?”
  • “Which one is your favorite & why?”
  • “How would you have done it differently?”
  • “Why do you think those fish are colored that way?”

When you get back home, a fun exercise is to ask your kiddo to design a garden / ocean floor / still life, inspired by what he saw on your adventure.

2) Head outside & encourage your kids to try out different perspectives

Tell them to LOOK CLOSELY, LOOK DOWN, and LOOK UP.  There’s so much to see when you just take some time to look closely, or look at things in a different way (which is one great way for all of us to light that creative spark).  There are also great opportunities for imaginative play (so closely linked to creativity) in nature’s playground.

3) Create memorable shared experiences at home

Use fun traditions and creative explorations. Okay, I admit to some bias here—but the monthly arrival of our KiwiCo is a great opportunity for me to sit down and spend some quality time with my kiddos, creating cool, open-ended projects and exploring new materials. The inspiration sheets provide great things to think about and ways to extend our creative play.

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What are some of your favorite ways and places to light your little one’s creative spark?

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