Back-to-School Creativity Tip #8: Make Way for Masterpieces

We’re in the midst of our special Back to School series, where we’re sharing 10 Ways to Inspire Creativity During the School Year. With easy project ideas and Kiwi printables on their way, your kiddos are in for a treat!


With school starting up, your little artists will soon be in full operation. Are you ready for the onslaught of masterpieces that will be arriving home soon?

I’ve long struggled with what to do with the artwork that my kids create. My goal is to create a rotating display of their favorites, store the really special ones, and (shhh!) recycle the rest.

I’ve found some great inspiration on our Pinterest board. Here are some of my favorites…

Create a Gallery Wall with White Picture Frames – I just love this look!  My daughter’s preschool teachers created a display like this on the wall in her classroom, and it really did look like a gallery of masterpieces. You can pick up inexpensive frames at IKEA or even at the dollar store.


Use Clipboards for a Display Installation – This one is great because you can make it as easy or involved as you would like. This clever blogger spray-painted her clipboards to create more of a design statement. I also love how easy it is to rotate the art in and out!


Create a Rotating Gallery with Empty Picture Frames & Binder Clips – Isn’t this clever?  You can often find marked-down frames on sale at the dollar store (or even at a flea market); repurpose those for this fabulously eclectic display!  Ditch the glass and backing, then spray paint the empty frames and hang them on the wall.  Then just tap a small nail in the wall to hang a binder clip.

Go the super-easy route with a Masking Tape Gallery – All you need for this is some cool washi tape or colorful masking / painter’s tape.  It’s low commitment and low involvement — not even a hammer is required!


How do you store your little ones’ masterpieces?  Do you have other solutions?  Please share!


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