Top 10 Back-to-School Creativity Tips

This fall, we presented a special back-to-school series on 10 Ways to Inspire Creativity During the School Year. Read on to get ideas on ways to keep the creative juices flowing!

  1. Inspire Creativity With A Countdown Chain. Create a paper chain featuring everyone’s favorite kiwi bird. Then count down the number of days you have left until the start of school! Get the free printable here.
  2. Design a Discovery Zone! Make space around the home for your kid’s imagination to run wild. Here are some ideas to get you started.
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  3. Spend Quality Time Sharing Hands-on Experiences. Go on fun outings, explore new perspectives, and create family traditions. Learn some new ways to keep the creative spark live.
  4. Tell Tale Tales With Printable Story Cards. This darling printable is a surefire way to get your kids giggling. This free game will inspire plot twists and turns in a storytelling session that’s fun for the whole family!
  5. Be Prepared for Inspiration at All Times with a Travel Art Kit. Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. Learn how to outfit a portable art kit!
  6. Dive Into Reading With a DIY Bookmark! Make a splash into your fall reading lineup with a bookmark that’s easy to make and fun to use.
  7. Embrace the “Uh-Oh” Moments. Sometimes we can become fixated on doing something “just right.” But in many cases, it’s important for kids (and all of us, really) to be OK with imperfection. Here’s a great tip on how to help your kids handle “mistakes” while they’re creating something.
  8. Make Way for Masterpieces. Peruse this round-up on clever ways to display your kids’ artwork around the home.
  9. Create a Classroom or Nap Time Keepsake. Does your child get homesick when he’s at school? Maybe a stuffy to cuddle with during nap time will help! Learn how to make one here.
    create a stuffed animal from a child's drawing
  10. Record Your Hopes & Dreams for the Year. Here’s a tradition that both you and your child will love looking back on! See what creativity emerges as you think about your goals for the year.


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