Two-Ingredient Tuesday: Labels + Paper = Sticker Mosaic

With the back-to-school season in high gear, September’s the perfect time to stock up on office supplies. I recently came across a bunch of bright neon labels in the clearance bin…which seemed like the makings of a promising easy-as-pie project!

Here’s a mosaic that Violet (age 8 ) created using just two items and a heaping spoonful of imagination:

All you’ll need to create your own sticker mosaics are:

  • paper
  • labels

The kids were encouraged to design anything they liked.

Max (age 6) created two pictures that Violet said looked like an athlete and a clock—but Max confidently replied that neither of the images were “of” anything: “They’re just designs.”

Violet made a sweet nesting scene and drew in some wings to bring her little birdie to life.

And Lucy (age 7) grabbed her markers and created a colorful sunset.

What images (abstract or otherwise) did your kids come up with? Share in the comments!

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