Eco-Friendly Party Poppers

Kiwi Crate’s 1st birthday is coming up next week! To prepare for the party, our friend Jen H. from Family Sponge shares a craft on how to make festive favors.

Hosting a party? These eco-friendly poppers are a sweet way to send little party animals home in style. Your kids can make them, fill them with candy and stickers (or any trinket really), and give them out to guests. My kids’ favorite part is decorating these poppers any way they’d like!

Tools & Materials

toilet paper rolls
construction paper
stamps, sticker, glitter, markers

Cut 3″x7″ rectangles from construction paper. (This is the size that will fit perfectly around the toilet paper roll.)

Next, cut newspaper into 8″x11″ sheets. You can also use tissue paper instead of newspaper if you want brighter colors.

Decorate the sheets of construction paper–my son used stamps to make a butterfly and balloon pattern (at four, he’s all about patterns). Let your child get creative and see their personality shine!

Take the newspaper and wrap it around the paper roll. (This part is a little tricky for younger kids, so you might need to help.) Twist one end of the paper to help keep it in place.

Next, glue the construction paper into a cylinder shape. (Make sure the cylinder is loose enough to slide over the toilet paper tube.)

Slide the decorated cylinder over the newspaper-covered paper roll.

Tie off the end of the newspaper that you’d previously twisted into place.

Now is the moment that your child has been waiting for! Stuff the candy and trinkets into the open end of the party popper. We used lollipops, tattoos, and scented pencils in our party poppers.

Once full, twist and tie the other end of the newspaper.

Now your kids can proudly hand out the party favors to their guests. My kids were so excited to share these creations with their friends!

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