Eggshell Ghost Mobile

Neat-o Halloween trick! Regular contributor Jadah of Family Sponge shares how to transform eggshells into a boo-tiful, floating work of art.

After making my daughter’s favorite egg and spinach cupcakes, we saved our eggshells to make our own friendly ghosts to welcome the fall season. Before diving into this project, I had my daughter help me sterilize the eggshells by boiling them in hot water for 10 minutes. She was so excited to help pour the water and watch empty eggshells float around the hot pot.

What You’ll Need
eggshells (sterilized)
permanent markers
string needle (or pointy object)

Gather six cracked eggshells, along with a permanent marker and string. We used dental floss because we like to create craft projects with items we can easily find in our home. You will also need a pointy item like a needle or pen to pierce holes in the eggs.

Give your child free reign to draw ghost faces on each eggshell with permanent marker. I drew one ghost face as a model, and I let her do the rest.

My favorite part was watching my daughter make different faces as she drew the ghost faces on each shell. She was truly engaged with this project.

Once all of the faces are drawn on your eggshell “ghosts,” gently pierce a hole in the top of each shell. I poked the whole from the inside of the eggshell.

Tie a knot at the end of the string and thread the string through the pierced hole. Once your first eggshell is secure in place, tie another knot about 1″ above the eggshell. Thread the string through the next eggshell. Repeat until all all eggshells are on the string. Tip: if you want, you can tape the string on the inside to make sure you don’t have any falling eggs.

Once all of the eggs are secure, create a loop at the top of your string, so you can hang it on the ceiling. I let my daughter hold the eggshell ghost mobile while she helped me pick the perfect location to hang them.

My daughter was thrilled to watch the ghost faces spinning around as they hung from the ceiling. I love how each face my daughter drew was completely different from one another. This is a delightful craft that we will definitely do together again!

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