Paper Plate Tambourine

Can you hear the sound of music? Green Owl Art‘s Melissa A. and her daughter sure can! The two share how five-year-old Emma recently made a one-of-a-kind, jingle-jangle tambourine!

I don’t know a single child who doesn’t love to sing, dance, and make music. Music is pure happiness in our house, and when you get to make your own instruments, it can’t get much better. This super fun tambourine craft lets your child jingle and jam!

Tools & Materials
paper plates (2 heavy-duty plates)
hole punch
jingle bells (7)
stickers (optional)
markers (optional)

First, we punched seven holes around our paper plates. (If you can punch through both at once, it will be much easier to line up the holes for threading later.) I did this step since it took more strength than my five-year-old had.

Next, I tied one end of the ribbon through a hole and added a bell…

….then handed off the plate to Emma to finish up the rest.

Once the ribbon had been threaded all the way around the plate, I tied the ribbon to the first loop, then Emma trimmed off the excess ribbon.

Decorating is always the best part! We added some musical note stickers, and my daughter personalized her instrument by drawing on a picture of her guitar and scrawling her name across the front.

Then it was time to shake, move, dance, and sing to the beat of her beautiful tambourine!

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9 Replies to “Paper Plate Tambourine”

  1. Always looking for something to create with my grandkids. What a creative and easy to do craft that brings together the love of art and the love of music. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute idea for boys and girls, which is important when you have both to entertain. Would be great for a birthday party craft, too!

  3. What a great idea! We love music makers and of course making one ourselves is all the better! Thank you for this easy to do craft! (I love how they can be personalized as well!)

  4. I love the green owl tambourine! My grandkids love to sing & dance..& they can create a concerto with sticks & tincans! LOL. So I’m lways looking for creative ideas to share & play with them. Thanks Green Owl!!

  5. This is such a great idea! Going to have to borrow my friend’s children so I have someone to do this with!
    Went to Melissa’s site as well and her creativity os just unbelieveable. A craft for literally every occasion. Keep up the great work!

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