Chocolate Spider Web Snack

Craving a tasty treat? Family Sponge‘s Jen H. weaves a web of chocolatey goodness with this simple recipe.

Our kids love helping in the kitchen—and this spider web snack is a very special treat. Trust me: It’s hard to go wrong with a craft that involves two kinds of chocolate!

What You’ll Need
chocolate chips
white chocolate baking chips
wax paper
sandwich bags (2)

Gather the supplies and get ready for some yummy fun!

Put the chocolate chips in the zip-lock bags. Fill two glasses with hot water and immerse the bag in the water to melt it. FYI: 1 cup of chocolate chips makes 4-5 treats.

Lay out a piece of wax paper and organize pretzels in a web-like shape.

Cut a small hole in a corner of the bag and squeeze out some white chocolate on the center of the web. Then make the web by squeezing out three circles.

Place two raisins on the center of the web.

Now is the time to make the spooky spider. Squeeze some of the melted chocolate out in the center and make the spider the desired size. We live in Florida so we made the spiders pretty big (and we love chocolate!).

Next place the spooky snacks in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Once the chocolate is hard, peel of the wax paper, admire your creation…then taste your delicious treat!

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