Kiwi Crate & P.S. Arts Express Yourself 2012

This past weekend, we were privileged to join P.S. Arts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering with underserved public schools to provide arts education to children, for their Express Yourself event.

As big believers in the importance of nurturing creativity and expression through hands-on discovery, we were proud to support the event with a “Superhero Lab.”  We made our way down to Santa Monica, California, to get the activities all set up and ready for superheroes-to-be.

Our activity station: Superhero Lab

As soon as the doors opened, we had a blast creating with the kiddos and parents.

Actress Jessica Capshaw & Comedian Kevin Nealon
Actor Mark Feuerstein
Actor Adam Scott
Actor Tom Verica

After personalizing their capes, the kids proudly donned their creations and zoomed around the event, creating and exploring the many other activities at the event.

Ready to wear their capes…and take a picture in the photo booth
The Sklar Brothers, Comedians

Big thanks to P.S. Arts for allowing us to participate. We’re so pleased to support their mission and enjoy the festivities!

About Kiwi Crate
Kiwi Crate delivers monthly projects for kids ages 3 to 7, all materials and inspiration included. All activities are reviewed by experts and tested by kids to make sure they encourage curiosity, exploration, and creativity! Learn more.

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  1. This is such a cool idea!! Is there any chance that the kiwi crates might be able to come to Canada? I’d love to subscribe for my daughters and nephews!!

  2. I would do all of these, they look GREAT! If i had to pick one out of all I’ve seen I’d pick ‘gifts made by me’ When my kids were little I subscribed to something like this and we had a blast. I cant wait to try your company out for my Grandkids. Thanks

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