Pinecone Place Settings

Hmm…where to sit for Thanksgiving dinner? Welcome guests to the table with these fall-colored handmade place settings. (Thanks to Shauna from Shwin&Shwin for sharing!)

We love Thanksgiving around here–not just a little but a LOT! The kids love to get involved any way they can, so what better way than to let them make the place settings for Thanksgiving dinner?

Here’s a simple and fun way to keep kids entertained while you’re busy in the kitchen.

What You’ll Need

  • pinecones (1 per person)
  • glue
  • paper clips
  • construction paper
  • markers
  • scissors

First, gather up your supplies. We used pine cones the kids gathered up outside (another fun way to keep them busy). For the paper clips, we went with fall-colored hues of orange and yellow–but any paper clip will do.

Then have the kids add some glue to the top of the pinecone, and stick a paper clip to the top.

Let the glue dry completely.

Meanwhile, have the kids trace their hands on some construction paper and cut out the design. The older kids can write the names of each guest–one on each hand print.

Then let them decorate the hands. They can make them into turkeys, add things they are thankful for, or simply color the turkeys however they want.

Then clip the paper to the paper clips. What a handy way to make place settings!

To see more holiday project ideas, visit The Studio, a directory of handpicked, hands-on projects for kids.

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