Yarn Christmas Tree

Spin a good yarn with Family Sponge‘s Jen H.

These Christmas trees always garner attention from house guests. And when I let them know that the trees were made by the kiddos, they’re usually left in awe. This craft is fun, messy, and exciting for the kids. And I love it because my home is more beautiful than before.

What You’ll Need

  • yarn (red, green and other festive colors work best)
  • glue (watered down)
  • large bowl
  • styrofoam cone (leave it in the plastic packaging)

Cut a really long piece of yarn 20-30 feet in length. The most frustrating part of this craft is tangled yarn–so I advise you to NOT do that.

Pour glue into a large bowl. (We make our own glue with flour, sugar, and water.) You can also just water down normal white glue.

Soak the yarn in the glue (again try your best not to get it tangled). My son didn’t like getting glue all over his hands and this picture just makes me smile.

Starting with the tip of the yarn, wrap the string around the cone lots of times (you really can’t go overboard here). And make sure the yarn overlaps in places to it creates a stronger bond.

Once the cone is completely wrapped in the yarn, let it dry overnight.

Once dry, cut the plastic on the bottom of the cone and pull the cone out of the plastic. The cone may need to be forced out–just be careful not to crush the yarn tree.

Once the cone is out, pull the plastic off the inside on the yarn tree.

You can use these for throughout the house for some unexpected holiday decorations. Here’s a tree with a pinecone “star”!

To see more holiday project ideas, visit The Studio, a directory of handpicked, hands-on projects for kids.

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