Printable Mini Crate Gift Boxes I KiwiCo


It’s been a wonderfully busy holiday season at KiwiCo. Cookies have been exchanged, secret snowflakes have received their gifts, and our warehouse is bustling with crates ready to be torn from wrapping paper! So busy, in fact, that many of us have neglected to grab holiday presents for our own families.

For all you last-minute shoppers, we have a solution! You may not be able to show up to the celebration with a crate, but we’ve got some festive packaging for that subscription that has yet to arrive. Print out a special greeting card and origami together a very cute mini crate for the event.

Cricket Crate Subscription

mini-crate-printable-gift-subscription   mini-crate-printable-cricket-crate-gift-subscription

Koala Crate Subscription

mini-crate-printable-koala-crate-gift-subscription   mini-crate-printable-koala-crate-gift-subscription

Kiwi Crate Subscription

mini-crate-printable-kiwi-crate-gift-subscription   mini-crate-printable-kiwi-crate-gift-subscription

Doodle Crate Subscription

mini-crate-printable-doodle-crate-gift-subscription   mini-crate-printable-doodle-crate-gift-subscription

Tinker Crate Subscription

mini-crate-printable-tinker-crate-gift-subscription   mini-crate-printable-tinker-crate-gift-subscription

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you enjoy your KiwiCo projects this new year! Cheers to many more making memories and hands-on learning opportunities in 2017. 🙂


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